Virtually every user of smartphones has a whatsapp account and is active online most of the time. Not only do we have an exhaustive list of regional and international numbers in various categories but we also have various strategies available to reach out to these users. We leverage the facility in whatsapp of allowing multimedia and text to design and deliver humorous, interesting and thought provoking content with your promotions riding on the back of such promotions. You can be sure that when we send out such interesting whatsapp promotions they will be shared and will spread in widening ripples to a huge number of people, some of whom might convert to customers.

Why WhatsApp Marketing Service ?

Conveying information via Image or Video is 10 times more effective then just text words.

If number is active on whatsapp you can be sure that he/she would see your campaigns 100%.

If an end-user cannot afford a smartphone.Its not worth to be called as prospect leads for user.

Running WhatsApp Campaign very low cost and effective.

In limited time and efforts you could reach mass target audiance easily.

Its easy to run campaigns and you get campaign summary report too online.


WhatsApp Bulk SMS Features

  • WhatsApp can be used globally
  • Easy to use as no specific plug-in required
  • Available on every mobile platform
  • Product and service launches
  •  We can send 1000 & more SMS
  •  We can send the type of Videos, Images, Doc etc..
  • Announcing offer and deals
  • Stock / Quote updates
  • upcoming event publicity
  • Greetings on special occasions
  • Can send messages with unlimited character length
  • We can download the Reports easily